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Agnes - a new dance work choreographed by David Bolger, who as a child was introduced to the theatre by his neighbour, Agnes Bernelle. She took him to Project Arts Centre, where she was Creative Director, and triggered his love of all things theatrical. See a review here.

Renaissance Woman - a Celebration of the Life of Agnes Bernelle

How Agnes Bernelle Came to the Works of Brel & Brecht

BBC RADIO SHOWS ADDED - see player on the left of the page to listen to these wonderful recollections, with many unavailable songs.

The start of episode 1 and end of 4 are missing (due to tape decay). 
Go to the Media section to download the mp3s. 

Agnes Bernelle - A Short Overview:

  • World War 2 radio announcer who caused havoc by getting urine samples sent to the German Ministry of Health, she also got a submarine to surrender
  • First non-stationary nude on stage in Britain
  • Radio actress with Orson Welles
  • Pursued by men as diverse as King Farouk and Claus Von Bulow
  • Ran Ireland's first discotheque
  • Singer with Marc Almond and collaborator with many
  • Radio series' have been done on her life...now read on.

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